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This actually happened two Mondays ago, on November 2nd, but I want it recorded here so I can laugh at myself every time I revisit this post in the future...

     I was messing around doing a little initial packing, as well as some online catch-up after my internet 'fast.' At some point that evening I looked out the window above my desk, and was startled to see a full moon shining in on me.

     "What? There's not supposed to be a FULL moon!" I thought, or something close to that, "It's almost new!"

     And that was when I realized that I had a better grip on the phases of the Sister in Geren's world than the phases of the moon in the 'real world.'


     Looking back, I have to admit it's probably consistent. Maybe I could blame it on the 4th cloudiest October on record, but I really am more in sync with Geren's time than my own. ;)
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