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Whoo-hoo! Post 700 right here!

     So here's a link to the picture I made to celebrate the milestone. Called 'Lords of Winter.' Scarf and gloves advised. ;)

     Also pleased that tonight's writing section got me to the end of 'chapter 1' of Delarun section 4.

     Shado has been entertaining of late. He's so happy when I wake up in the morning; he grooms himself and makes all sorts of funny noises. Then I get out of bed. And he gets colder and colder and grumpier and grumpier. It's hilarious. I eventually kick him out of bed so I can fix it and he can have breakfast. Then he sits and sulks somewhere. This morning he was in such fine form I was telling him he should move in with Heruvael. They would make a pair!
Tags: art, delarun, pets: shado, soj
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