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So much to gush about!

     Yesterday was one of the very best days of the year: a payday Friday AND t'DoL's birthday! Can hardly beat that!

     My coworkers greatly enjoyed the goodies I brought in (so did I) and then I had fun last night with popcorn, mozzerella sticks, leftover sweets, and Trader Joe's Spicy Cider. Yum!

     Set up my 5th LJ (even though I won't be doing much with it for a few years) and was delighted to get the 'Under Construction' image for it finished last evening.

     Goodies in the mail--clothes from JcPenney including a lovely pair of grey jeans, and a even more lovely thank-you note from Christina! (Can't forget the Netflix dvd either--it was a great haul in the mailbox on Friday!)

     I noticed a LOT of squirrel activity Thursday, since I'm walking home right at sunset now, and they're all frantically preparing for on Friday I decided to count. I got thirteen different squirrels on my way home, it might take a while to beat that total!

     A coworker asked me the spelling of a word, and I gave it to him...with that same sense of amazement and disbelief I feel every time it happens. I stunk at spelling as a kid and teenager; but being t'DoL's biographer for 16 years appears to have bashed enough correct spellings into my thick skull that I'm now better than the 'average' person, at least of those I work with. But it doesn't matter--I will always be amazed when somebody asks ME to spell a word for them (especially when it's my boss!).
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