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Shouts · of · Joy

And it's Friday again... =)…

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And it's Friday again... =)

     Thanksgiving Day was great, the food was fabulous, and I was sent home with some leftover pecan pie I'm about to enjoy shortly.

     And a treat while I was at the Towners yesterday was getting to enjoy a beautiful sunset. It wasn't one of those huge all-over-the-sky varieties, most of the color was near the horizon, but it just kept shifting and changing for what seemed at least half an hour. And Friday's sunrise and sunset were also lovely. There's such a sweet melancholy to early winter sunsets, I do think they're my favorites, even if other seasons can be showier.

     Shado is getting spoiled, as Mary gave me the 'innards' from the turkey, so he has been feasting on liver with his dinner the past two evenings. He's getting spoiled fast!
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hungry ready for pie!
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