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Monday delights:

     Can't call it a happy ending yet, but at least it's a happy middle. Saturday afternoon was a real downer when I discovered I could no longer make pdfs from Word docs on my pc at home. (Because a certain lovely someone wants to start reading book 4 soon, and I want up-to-date versions for my chapter pdfs.) After years of trying to jealously guard Adobe Acrobat Elements 6.0 that I'd bought for that exact purpose, either an Adobe or a Windows update sometime after April crippled the software. Now is NOT the time to be buying software when I need my money for Christmas gifts, so I was glad to have a temporary 'fix'--Microsoft Office 2007 has an add-on that allows just that, and fortunately Word 2007 on my pc at work has that add-on. So I can convert Word docs to pdf over lunch breaks until sometime next year when I can afford me some pdf-making software. Whew! (Obligatory note to little brother who might read this: yes, I am aware of free conversion options out on the internet, I'm just paranoid about uploading my writing there. Would rather own something and do it myself. =)

     I was treated to an amazing sunset on the walk home from the bus stop this afternoon. It was hilarious--I was enjoying the color to the east, the funny-shaped undersides of bands of clouds with a magenta tinge, got off the bus ogling it, started walking--and only then looked AHEAD to see more vivid and dramatic color in the west. Heh. It was an amazing show along all directions of the horizon, the only 'plain' bit was the blue sky overhead with the vivid slash of a single airplane contrail. Fortunately, there was still some color left by the time I got home and grabbed my camera, though my shot hardly does justice to the whole. (As you can see, my location is not conducive to good sunset-watching, particularly in the summer with leaves in the way!)

     This is getting windy enough already, but I'm delighted to have gotten my CafePress order in the mail today. Lots of 'Butterfly' note cards, and my 'Million Words' picture to enjoy as a single-page 2010 calendar at work next year. A trifle dark, which I need to try to remember for future orders, but t'DoL's feathers and the other hues were pretty accurate, yay!
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