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Sunday delights:

     Church this morning: they'd set up Christmas decorations at the front of the sanctuary, and they were gorgeous. I'm looking forward to enjoying them more on other Sundays in December!

     And a delightful coincidence during the service. A lady was sharing about a subject related to the sermon, and mentioned that she and her husband had recently adopted a baby from Africa. Guess what they named her--Selah Grace! That's so close to my youngest niece's name I was just tickled. (And yes, she did stop to try to explain 'Selah' to the congregation.)

     I LOVE the internet! I saved myself a great deal of math-flailing and hair-pulling today when I found this nifty stair calculator, thanks to Wikipedia. It made calculating the number of steps and overall stair lengths for my Delarun map a cinch. And thanks to that, I finally made some huge progress and shattered my procrastination issues that have been dragging this thing out since MAY. I loveses the internet, yes, precious! ;D
Tags: delarun, mapmaking
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