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Got lots to be grateful for:

     Busing, especially in the midst of weather like this.

     Successfully made my fifth apheresis donation for the year on Tuesday evening!

     Thanks to the storm that rolled in Tuesday, the roads were horrid. I'm grateful my iron was high enough, as traffic was backed up so bad near the bridge it would have taken an hour to get home. The nurse was amused by how high my heart rate was compared to normal, and knew it was from the stressful drive over! (I was expecting my blood pressure to be up too, but oddly enough it was low.)

     Glad I made it safely both there and back. The drive back in particular was crazy, though it's an amusing treat to drive 40 mph on the interstate and not have any tailgaters!

     Also very relieved I don't have to drive ANYWHERE before Saturday if I don't want to. I'm done with appointments for a bit, whew.

     Last but not least, I'm again grateful for thermal underwear. The windchill was already below 0 this morning, and tonight is supposed to get to -7 F/-22 C, not even including the windchill! In fact, the struggle to the bus stop this morning made me think I'd been transplanted to North Dakota in January! Winter is certainly here. =D
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