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Hump-day is here!

     Went out to Chipotle for lunch with my coworker Dawn on Tuesday and we had a great time. Also nice that only the last block or so has to be done outside--my ears froze that fast!

     My boss has been getting me into new projects at work since my fellow Administrator Greg is utterly buried--busiest time of the year for him. One of them is on scanning 2d barcodes, so I've been getting lots of on-line and off-line reading to do and the fun of trying to make samples for testing. Fun to learn something new.

     A pleasant delight to have Drig drop by my writing LJ when I hadn't heard from him in years. =)

     Nice progress with my advent/Christmas picture over the last couple days, since I wanted something of the season up on my bio page. Just need to finish the version for Christmas itself, now.
Tags: art, chipotle, job: coworkers, job: work
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