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Recent treats:

     Mozzarella sticks from Arby's as a part of lunch Thursday. Way too good!

     Goodies at work: mini scones, mini cinnamon rolls, and donut holes that some unknown generous soul left by the microwave for anyone on the floor to enjoy. I certainly did!

     The fun of bringing in little gifts for those who work in 'my' section of the department, as well as stocking my green crystal bowl with candy.

     Can't forget--payday Friday today! My coworkers were amused when I announced that upon walking in this morning...and then told them I'd already spent it all.

     Not only do I have a three-day weekend to look forward to this weekend, but I have three in a row, thanks to Christmas and New Year's both falling on a Friday. Wonderful!
Tags: job: coworkers, job: other, mozzerella sticks
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