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Three gratitudes:

     My mom's timing for her phone call on Saturday was perfect, as I was ready to smash my computer in lieu of being able to strangle Vue for wrecking the picture I was working on. I was feeling better by the time I got off the phone, even after realizing that my 'save' entailed having to redo Friday night's work. Thankfully, the software behaved after that, and I was able to finish the Christmas Day version of the Advent picture today--and no more corrupt files or mutated hyarmi cubs, either. Whew!

     Finally got my tree decorated Saturday evening, not that it took long considering how small it is! Probably only used half my ornaments. Here's a photo for the curious.

     Most of all, I'm grateful for safe travel today. I underestimated how quickly the roads would deteriorate after the piddling half-inch or so of snow that fell early this morning, and made an impressive spin in my car after crossing the overpass. Very grateful I didn't go into the ditch (a long slide in that location) and that the roads were a bit better coming back from church.
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