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Monday treats:

     Had the day off work to use up the last few vacation hours I can't carry over to 2010...and boy was I lazy with it. Slept in to almost 7:30, which is the latest I've managed in a long time.

     It being Christmas week was the excuse I needed to break into another jug of Spicy Cider, as well as the second loaf of pumpkin bread my mom sent me. Yummy!

     The treat of the day was getting out to the movies, saving a few bucks and avoiding the weekend crowds as well, to see Avatar in 3d. Incredible. The most gorgeous thing I have ever watched, and the 3d was fantastic. (My inner artist and biologist are both on cloud 9.) I'm thinking I just might have to treat myself to a second viewing at the huge(ly expensive) IMAX theatre on New Year's weekend... =D
Tags: movies, spicy cider
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