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Seems all I post about these days is yummies... ;)

     I got a tin of delicious made-in-Denmark cookies at Trader Joe's Monday and brought them in for my coworkers today. Nice timing too, as they'd already emptied the bowl of chocolates I'd put out for them Friday! At this rate, they won't last until Christmas!

     My coworker Dawn brought in big candy canes full of Hershey's kisses as gifts. That brought back pleasant memories of my mom hanging those on my and my brother's bedroom doorknobs for us to find Christmas morning. I didn't realize they still made those. =)

     Got together with Christi for lunch, and exchanged Christmas gifts as well. I'm delighted that my gift was a big 'score' and she was thrilled with it. And I'm enjoying having hers hanging on the wall next to my calendar at work. (note to Mama: yes, I'm sure you want a photo!)
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