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Wednesday delights:

     More goodies at work! This time Kathy added to the stash with a big jar of salted cashews, delicious cashew crunch, and chocolate-and-peanut-butter 'buckeyes' made by the Amish. Yum!

     Coldwater Creek kicked off its annual 50% off everything sale--and much fun was had with that!

     I about busted out laughing at the weather headlines this morning. I think they're getting a trifle excited at WCCO with words like 'snowpocalypse' and 'snowmageddon'!

     Changed my plans for church and went to the 5:30 service tonight instead of the 1:00 Christmas Eve I'd planned on. And it paid off--the storm hadn't started yet when I got there, and though it looked like a blizzard in January when the service ended, at least the driving back wasn't as bad as it will be. Glad to be safely home.
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