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Recent good stuff:

     Finished my illustration for 'The Folly of Horanu' on Monday and got it added to the story today. Feels really, really good to have that off my projects list--and thanks to a three-day weekend spending hours on it each day, it only took four days! Sure beats when they end up dragging on for weeks! =)

     More goodies at work, this time because of our celebration of Nancy's 10th service anniversary. I hope she really enjoys her $100 gift card!

     Finally got visual proof that Shado is using the heated cat bed I got for my cats for Christmas. I gave it to them early because I'd been shutting them up to keep them away from the tree, and though I'd spotted Arun on it a few times, I'd never seen Shado using it. But on Sunday they were both on there and he did not want to get off! So, a photo. (Of course Arun had to get up when I came over with the camera!)
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