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I've just posted my annual year in review questionnaire over here this year, but there's much I'd like to celebrate that didn't fit in those questions. So this is my 'spillover' post:

     I'm so happy for my progress on my t'DoL figure in Poser this summer/autumn, which meant I could start in on some pictures I've been anticipating for years, my recently completed 'Folly of Horanu' illustration one of the foremost among them. Pleased also that I got in-story illustrations done for six stories on my Portal Page this year.

     I'm pleased with my progress on the donation front: Another year of making my 'quota' of three whole blood donations, and this year I got in for five successful apheresis donations, and no monster bruises either!

     I've been persistently tickled recently with my progress on the giving front: thanks be to God, my giving to church, non-profits, and 'random acts of charity' is now a bigger monthly figure than the rent I pay! Once that finally dawned on me a few months after the fact, it's been a delight to savor. So though I haven't reached my huge goal of 25% of gross quite yet, I'm very glad for how far I've come. And I'm grateful to be blessed with such 'low' rent that I can do this! Thank you, God!

     Though some of these get mentioned in the other post, I'll rejoice over them here again: Finishing book 4 at last, starting book 5, starting 'The Chronicles of Delarun,' writing my second novella, passing the 30-story mark for what's on my Portal Page, and passing the million word mark all made 2009 a year full of bright milestones on the writing front.

     Annnnd...*drumroll* I now have thirteen PoadsTM in my collection! ;D
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