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Recent delights:

     Getting to see a 'blue moon' on New Year's Eve.

     The big bag of caramel & cheese popcorn I picked up to enjoy over the long weekend. (Though yes, I started munching at work because I couldn't keep my hands off of it!)

     The Il Divo cd/dvd I got from my parents for Christmas. It has been too fun playing it loudly in the car--I'm in love with 'Adagio.'

     And today: my second time out to see Avatar. This time on the huge 6-floors-high IMAX screen in 3d. When I got there for the 12:30 showing, they were sold out until 10 pm, so I'm very grateful I bought my tickets online in advance! (Seeing as it was only UP to -9 F/-23 C by 11 am, us Minnesotans don't got anything else to do! ;) I'm also grateful my car started, poor thing wasn't happy at all. Wow, did I have a blast! The very involved people next to me flinching at some of the 3d and making comments only made it more fun. I'm thinking I'll have to get out for a third time late in the month, as my comparatively tiny tv screen wouldn't do such gorgeousness justice at all. Just wow...
Tags: movies, popcorn, skyscapes
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