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     There was talk in the Windstone Forum recently over a flapcat Melody put up on eBay a few days back--called 'Alien' in part for its unnatural dark brown eyes. A bunch of us were remarking on having never seen a cat with brown eyes...until one of the employees gave us links to just such a cat! Talk about learning something new every day... =D

     I was expecting my first five-day workweek in quite a while to feel excruciatingly long, but thanks to being insanely busy the first four days of it, it didn't feel long at all!

     Very pleased with the progress I've made this week on my 'alternate' illustration that I started on Sunday. Got the setting roughed out in Vue, and today started on getting a beard on my Geren figure. I can still clearly and painfully remember all the misery and screw-ups putting a beard on trapper Arun three and a half years ago, so thankfully I was able to avoid all that and get it done in just an hour or so, rather than 10 times the work! Next up is finally making me a mage Arun (with a beard)... (then watching my pc explode when I try to get Geren, Hileko and mage Arun in one picture! ;)
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