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     Some treats on the money front lately. Placed an order with Saturday, and for some reason they gave me $10 off. I'm not complaining! Also, with my last order (using a certain lovely family's lovely gift card ;) I got $3 worth of MP3 downloads, so got myself three songs for $2.97. Neat!

     My work for 'alternate' has been going so well I'm getting downright nervous! Saturday saw me making a bearded mage Arun in Poser in just a couple hours, and a couple hours today got him and Hileko together for some distinctly mushy posing. Bearing down fast on the tough stuff!

     My progress with my three-day writing weekend (got Monday off) has been good enough. Butchered a couple characters Saturday night, then dragged myself through the remainder of the killing this morning. Knowing this was coming since 1997 doesn't make it easier, but I am sure glad to be past (except for hours of editing, bleah). And now I have tonight and Monday to get some distance from that nastiness--glad I have tomorrow off!
Tags: alternate, art, book 5: writing, moolah
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