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Back-to-work Tuesday:

     The fun of being entertained by nutty coworkers, in this case getting an e-mail from one at home on my day off because she wants to ask for Tuesday off!

     I'm grateful that I finally got my Netflix dvd, after mailing in the last one a full week prior. Glad the wait is over, and that it's never taken so long in over two years of having an account there. It was a blessing too, because I didn't have any lovely 'Enterprise' episodes to distract me from writing Friday-Sunday, not until Monday afternoon.

     Most of all, pleased with my progress on the writing front. Though it felt like pulling hair too much of the time, my long weekend got me past the 40k mark and through the end of chapter 8. Now I'm glad for a few quieter days of editing, art, and other sorts of catch-up, before I tackle the next big scenes...
Tags: book 5: writing, job: coworkers, mail, netflix
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