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Good stuff:

     A meeting with my boss today, in which we spent the first 15-20 minutes just yacking about life, and she was asking me how it was coming with my writing, and my plans, and telling me her writing goals and her plans...finally she says, 'I suppose we should be talking about work.' Those are just fun!

     The amusement of a call from my fellow Administrator Greg today:
Greg: Well, I know I've already stolen almost all your people up there...
Me (very drily): Yeah.
Greg: So I was wondering if YOU could help us out... (goes on about desperate need, etc)
He's got some nerve, I tell you! ;D (but there's very little else left I can permit him to 'steal'!)

     Best of all, tomorrow is Friday. Not only is it an eagerly-awaited payday Friday, but it opens on the weekend. Whew! It's been a rough week, even though I'm such a thickhead it didn't penetrate until Wednesday that my extreme emotional volatility/being fairly 'down' lately was all brought about by book 5 writing/having to edit the ghastly bits over and over/the horrible place I was left hanging at. So I am VERY glad to be coming up on the bigger chunks of time I need to get through this next bit of nastiness (weeknights are far too short and would only make things worse for me--don't want to bite the heads off any inoffensive and very startled coworkers either!). Here's hoping!
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