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Wow, what a day!

     Got a huge shock in the morning at work, because our boss called us all together to announce...she'd gotten a promotion! From supervisor to manager. Going to be a lot of changes at work, but there can't be any one who deserves it more. And in a lean economy, as a single mom to two teenage sons--that raise has got to be a big well-timed blessing in itself. She's done such fantastic work in the last 5-plus years, it's neat to see it rewarded. (And yes, three coworkers have already told me I should go for her old job *makes warding gesture* which I DO NOT want, but it's a compliment they think so well of me.)

     My Netflix dvd got back to them in one day and the new one came one day later--lovely to be back to normal there!

     Wanted to get a little writing done tonight...and just blazed through over three pages/2,400 words. Fantastic for an evening! Tomorrow's session is going to be a LOT of fun, before things go south for Geren again...
Tags: ! life-changing event !, book 5: writing, job: boss, netflix
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