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Recent blessings:

     Had lunch out with Christi on Saturday. For some reason, every few months I get a $10 off coupon in the mail for Ruby Tuesday; I gave a few away to coworkers last year, and they told me I should try it myself. So I treated Christi to lunch there, and it was delicious. Nice to just talk without the 30-minute limit on lunches at work, give her my Christmas tree to burn, and get to express some of the emotions from Friday's work upheaval, as she certainly understands it all. Just a treat!

     A simply gorgeous drive to church this morning. Thanks to the awful thaw that's been going on, the air is very saturated, and this morning everything was covered with frost. Later in my drive, it grew misty, yet the sun could still be seen shining down ahead, and everything was grey, cream, and white. Having the 'Avatar' soundtrack on didn't hurt the experience either!

     Best of all, fantastic progress on the writing front. My progress Saturday saw me to the end of chapter 9 (which may become a fast favorite of mine) and up to the 'stuck point.' I wasn't sure how long I'd be halted here, but my imagination has been in overdrive this whole weekend, so instead of being stuck for weeks, it will likely be days or even just a few more hours. Thank you, God!

     Also very grateful to have written 13,000 words so far in 2010 already. A very nice start to the year.
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