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Recent yummies (literally!):

     Onion rings Sunday evening to celebrate my wonderful writing progress.

     Gifts of leftovers from coworkers to add to my lunch Monday--the spicy french fries were great!

     Had to do food shopping Monday night (didn't want to give up any writing time on the weekend) and lo and behold--both onion rings and mozzarella sticks were on sale! Definitely a sign from heaven to buy some (since I'd run out). ;)

     Bought a congrats card for everyone in my area to sign for Jodi, and cookies too to celebrate, and everyone seemed to appreciate it. (I know *I* loved the cookies!)

     And a treat of mozzarella sticks from Arby's for lunch Tuesday, as I hadn't had any at home for my Sunday celebration.

     Not on the food subject, but thank God my headaches never survive a night's sleep, as by bedtime Monday my skull felt fit to split. It was definitely work-induced, so I'm also thankful that though today was just as brutal work-wise, at least I didn't get another headache.
Tags: job: boss, job: coworkers, mozzerella sticks, onion rings
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