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     Some leftover tortilla chips with fresh salsa from Shelley this afternoon...and it was perfect, because for once my stomach wasn't screaming at me about dinner before 4 pm, and I could get off the bus at the library to pick up some books, then take the longer walk home and not have it yelling at me. Nice!

     This has been a very brutal workweek, so I'm glad it's hump-day today. Three days down, two to go: I can make it!

     At last! I've been waiting and watching the Windstone Store most every afternoon/evening since Christmas, and today is the day the Sugar Plum PoadsTM got put in the store. Hurrah! Can't wait to have a PoadTM with blue eyes like Geren's! =D *runs around in happy circles*
Tags: job: coworkers, job: work, poads(tm)
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