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Very grateful to both 'recharge' and reach some great milestones this weekend:

     Saturdays in which I never get out of my pajamas are lovely Saturdays indeed.

     Also VERY happy to have the renders all complete for my 'alternate' illustration, and be essentially done with it. It was quite the time-devourer this month, since I had to do renders in stages so Vue could handle the three characters in the picture.
Render 1 = 32 hours, good.
Render 2 = 17 hours...not happy with results, so
Render 3 redo run = 35 hours, good.
Render 4 = 11 hours
then came the patch renders, one of which was lost to a major system error on Friday that will have me jittery for the next week or so, then the redo Saturday afternoon which didn't fail...all added up to about 98 hours of rendering time! Thankfully most of that was while I was in bed or at work, since I can't do much else with my computer while it's chugging away on a render.

     Though I was off to a slow start, and distracted by all sorts of unpleasant research and a 300 page .pdf to skim through, I'm happy to have both finished chapter 10 of book 5 AND pass the 50,000 word mark today. I can't believe how fast I'm bearing down on the halfway point of the book! (Will be slowing though, as there's tons more research/world-building to hash out pretty soon.)

     PoadTM #15 joined my collection today, after the poor thing sat out Saturday in the rain and the box got quite wet! For the curious, a photo of my latest two Poads.
Tags: alternate, art, book 5: writing, poads(tm)
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