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Shouts · of · Joy

Thank God for another payday Friday!…

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Thank God for another payday Friday!

     Been getting royally spoiled at work lately. On a whim, Dawn came back after morning break Thursday with McDonald's pies for all of us...then on Friday, Shelley came back with McDonald's Brownie Melts! YUM! Everybody's been talkative lately too, and though I had to cover for Corey most of Thursday and all of Friday, the lack of apps to data enter has been a huge relief. Downright fun compared to last week!

     Started rereading my paper journals which I began keeping back in August of 1998...and it's been something being reminded of all sorts of details. (Like this: the infamous crash of the Towners' chandelier in the 'twistie' incident was 1997, and we're STILL not tired of making jokes about it every Thanksgiving and Christmas!) Had fun reminiscing with Dawn at work about some of the stuff I'd written down, how things have changed. The reason I'm reading is to attempt to gather information for my 17th anniversary essay, and to my delight, I did find the date of one revelation I wasn't certain I'd written down. Now I'm up to May of 2001, so I've got a long haul ahead of me still...
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loved 'wuv my coworkers <3
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