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Assorted good things:

     All this journal rereading has reminded me of one thing to be very grateful for: no more housesitting for my parents! Those stints nearly always ended up more exhausting and more 'eventful' than I wanted.

     Jodi AND Greg were out on Wednesday, and things stayed remarkably calm. Grateful for that!

     Today I polished off the last three boxes of the dozens I had to secure recycle since last Thursday for a project. Whew! It was brutal on my hands, so I'm looking forward to a few days from now when the last bruise and the pair of deep paper cuts on my right thumb are finally gone (at least the welts only last a few hours). Will be nice to have pain-free hands again! =)

     My first IM at work today (using the work e-mail software). I'd decided to 'turn over a new leaf' in 2010 and get into the 21st century since my boss had hinted she wanted me to use it. I think IMing is one of the most horrid ways to communicate (only texting is worse) but I'll tolerate a little at work to make her happy...and I survived it this morning. ;) (It will be funny to see how many months it takes before she realizes I'm 'online' with the IM system. *cackles*)

     And a spur-of-the-moment outing with Dawn to Chipotle for lunch Thursday when she asked me 15 minutes before my lunch break. Had fun, and saved having to make dinner tonight!
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