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     Forgot to mention it the last time, but Thursday was our rescheduled Wednesday planning meeting, which ended up being on the 13th (and highest) floor of the building. And I made it up the stairs from the 6th to the 13th floor two-at-a-time with no big pauses. Whoot!

     So nice to have my pc 'back' and running smoothly again this morning after a render for my 'Pranks' illustration that took 50 hours!

     Best of all, I am VERY grateful for a weekend, after a week of trying to tackle monthly reports, cover for Corey in the afternoons and sometimes mornings too, help the scanning area with data entry (a different department over its head this time!), my 'normal' work, and a plethora of projects with Jodi throwing more at me most every day so my head is swimming with too much to keep track of--thank God for a weekend!

     (And I got to have fun decorating Nancy's desk Friday afternoon because she turns 40 on Monday, hee hee hee hee!)
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