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A nice weekend...

     It was a treat to get to sleep in and take the mornings slow the last two days, try to recoup before another brutal workweek.

     I spotted a pileated woodpecker right near the gas station on my way to church this morning! Amazing, and amusing too as Christi and I had just talked about seeing them during lunch Friday.

     Finally finished the illustration for 'Pranks' and got that up. Don't like it much, but very glad to have it off my list and out of my hair!

     A great start to my floor plan of Heruvael's home (Which I really should have done years ago when I was writing Hope's Passage, ahem.) Nice to have it coming along quite smoothly.

     Some book 5 progress too, though I think I'm going to have to force myself to stop writing until I've gotten more research done.

     And just got off after an hour-plus phone call with my coworker Dawn, interesting and enjoyable at once, and some fun reminiscing with some of the things I've reread in my journals lately...same with my mom, earlier in the day.
Tags: art, birds: other, book 5: writing, job: coworkers, mapmaking, pranks
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