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Monday good stuff:

     The morning was fun with celebrating Nancy's 40th birthday. Brought my camera and got shots of her decorated desk and her getting balloons from Dawn and a cake from Shelley (with non-extinguishing candles from Kathy, only a few of which worked--but those few worked very well indeed!). Much enjoyment was had with cookies and cake brought in by Shelley, and delicious Key Lime pie Nancy brought in.

     Got to work off some of the sweets-binging when I got home: there was a delicious half-foot/15 cm of snow to shovel off my sidewalk and the main one. Quite enjoyed it!

     And a treat this evening in the form of getting to watch a Larry King Live show on the making of Avatar that Dawn was so kind as to record for me. Fun!
Tags: job: coworkers, movies, snow
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