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It's February, but my gushes today are spring-related!

     Tuesday, February 9th was the first day I heard the cardinal singing for spring in the midst of the snowstorm. That assurance when it looks like midwinter all around always reminds me of Emily Dickenson's poem about hope with feathers. =) And I'm looking forward to getting to enjoy his voice for the next six months of the year.

     Bus rides are the one time I'm not frantically cramming through journal reading, and I've been whiling away part of the time ogling the Burpee seed/plant catalog. Beautiful! And it's exciting to feel more enthusiasm about doing a small garden this year than I have since 2006. =)

     So nice of Greg to let me 'keep' Nancy in my area Wednesday when Kathy called in sick again. We'd have drowned otherwise...and it was a personal treat to actually be helped for once, when all my job seems to consist of is helping out others/giving not receiving. I could smooch Greg!
Tags: birds: other, flowers, job: coworkers, job: work
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