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Weekend good stuff:

     A package from my parents with all sorts of delights: comics, lemon bread, salted nuts, chocolate candies...num!

     I finally finished rereading all my journal entries between August 1998 and December 2008...and my eyes are still in my head. Glad to have that finished, even if the retread has stirred up the desire to resume old stalled projects and have a betta again!

     Watched the last episodes of 'Enterprise' this weekend. Bittersweet, but what a blessing to get to enjoy all four seasons through Netflix!

     Saturday I was wide awake at 5:30 am and trying to convince myself to stop thinking of everything on my desk at work--so I'm grateful I could take a sleeping pill that night and sleep in Sunday morning.

     Got me some plane tickets to visit my family in April!

     Despite being worn out, I did make some creative progress this weekend. Most of my upcoming illustrations require buying something at the Vue store, but it was sure nice to trot off something comparatively simple and just portions of three days of work rather than three weeks. Based off the 'C.S. Lewis Song' by Brooke Fraser, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the wallpaper at work this week!
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