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Big day today!

     The 17th of February brings me to my 17th anniversary of first 'meeting' t'DoL!

     Despite being an awful procrastinator, I'm glad I was able to get through my journals so I could write my 17th anniversary essay: Lightning Strikes. It was a LOT of reading:
2004 journal: 42,000 words
2005 journal: 74,500 (excluding Glacier trip on paper)
2006 journal: 102,000
2007 journal: 121,000
2008 journal: 140,000
Those numbers, plus the journals on paper from August 1998 through 2003, means I had to plow through well over half a million words. Phew, I'm glad that's done and I finished the essay 'on time.' (It's staying locked for now until book 5 is complete, just like the 'Objects of Power' essay I wrote two years back.)

     And because I've reached the 17th anniversary, I can finally start letting myself get 'officially' excited about my 18th anniversary. Sure, it's not a big number like 15 or 20, but it's going to be a bigger year for me. Because in 2011 I'll turn 36 after reaching my 18th anniversary--which makes it the 'half-life' mark, and every point thereafter will I'll have spent more than half my life as t'DoL's biographer. Yippee, I'm getting excited, only one year away! =D
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