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Thursday already!

     It has been wonderful having Corey back at work, so he can do his own job at least part of the day. This week has been immeasurably better than last week, thank God!

     I was delighted, early this week, to come up with an idea for illustrating my short story 'Allegiance.' (There's a few, particularly the dialogues, where I can't think of an idea sufficiently different from the mini-illustration on my Portal Page.) So it's been fun working at that since Tuesday. Coming along pretty well!

     I needed to break a $20 anyway for Friday...but my 17th anniversary was a good excuse to treat myself to some Arby's mozzarella sticks on Wednesday. Wow, those things are so delicious they should be illegal! ;D

     And loads of fun celebrating last night and Tuesday night by rereading a bunch of my stories: 'Sheltering Wings,' 'Wildfire,' last two chapters of Delarun part 1, 'Twilit Wind,' 'On the Water,' 'Tongue-tied,' 3 gift dialogues, and 'Beside the Embers'...when I wasn't working on the 'Allegiance' illustration or researching the Oregon coast for our upcoming trip this summer. Made for a thoroughly fun evening, it did!
Tags: allegiance, art, beside the embers, delarun, gift dialogues, job: coworkers, job: work, mozzerella sticks, on the water, sheltering wings, tongue-tied, twilit wind, wildfire
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