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Hurrah for a Friday!

     Today was a day I'd been looking forward to. My coworker Dawn decided to organize a surprise lunch to Da Vinci's to celebrate Jodi's promotion. I had to give it away on Monday that we were taking her to lunch because her calendar was filling up so fast, but she had no idea where she was going and who would be there. So it was a delight to have ten of us in total--including her boss too! And Dawn bought balloons which tickled her as well. We all had a fabulous time, and I've enough left over from the delicious pasta bar for lunch tomorrow, hurrah! (It's been way too long since I've been there, num!)

     Today is doubly wonderful because it was my (second) deadline for getting Performance Appraisal summaries written up for the seven people in 'my' area. It's been a battle between me, busyness, and my procrastination all week, but they are done! My least-favorite task of the year is BEHIND ME, hurrah! And no having to face it until 2011, yippee!

     And now a three day weekend to enjoy, since I'm taking Monday off. =)
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