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     It was fun watching the three Star Wars prequel films over the last three days, as I'd bought them on dvd some months back but never seen them on my bigger tv. A treat! (John Williams rocks! ;)

     And yes, I did have my 'Swan outing' yesterday. About an hour drive each way, and an hour standing out in the cold until my hands and feet started going numb. And LOTS of photos along with a couple movies; it was a real treat. I've uploaded ten photos here, but what I also wish I could easily share was the noise. Hundreds of swans that do sound rather like trumpets, mixed in with the harsher honking of Canada Geese and the quacking of Mallards--what a ruckus! Just got louder and louder as feeding time approached--I don't think anyone who lives in that area sleeps in past 8!

     Very happy to be done with what I needed for world-building notes for book 5, now just the (unpleasant) medical research remains...
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