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Hump-day winding down already:      A bit…

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Hump-day winding down already:

     A bit of entertainment link-hopping in Wikipedia for book 5 research Tuesday. Wound up in the article on 'Chiasmal syndrome' and was reading along and got to this line:
"Junctional scotomas classically show ipsilateral optic disc neuropathy with
contralateral superotemporal defects."
Whereupon I wondered when it was they quit using English! ;D Medical-ese can be hilarious to look at, that's for certain.

     Once again I find myself very grateful for the internet, not only for research, but getting to track my mom's flights as she traveled from California to Florida Tuesday. I hope she has a blast visiting her sisters!

     Last week I had to fire up the COM duplicator and thought it would be nice to get photos and movies of it in operation, as it is the most 'picturesque' piece of 'near-obsolete' equipment left in my area. So I thought I'd try to remember to bring my camera next time, but figured it would be a month at least before I had to use it again. Not so! Had to make a whole bunch of COM fiche duplicates today, and I actually remembered to bring my camera. And a photo for the curious, because parts do look like they escaped from Dr Frankenstein's lab!
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