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Been a bit of a rough week emotionally, but there have been some bright spots:

     On Monday Dawn brought in the Girl Scout cookies I'd ordered--nice timing, as I recently finished the ones my mom sent me.

     Referring back to my Feb 4th post--the paper cuts on my right thumb have finally healed over! Took nearly a month, but it sure is nice not having those darned edges catching on my hair, clothes, gloves, etc.

     Tuesday brought a long-anticipated, long-awaited award for all that Financial Services work earlier this year: PIZZA PARTY!! Fun to stuff myself on loads of delicious cheese pizza (and salad, and cookies). Yum!

     And the splicing tape finally arrived. I only ordered it around November 20th, after all. Been a real nuisance pestering the purchasing area about it for a good three months. Seems unreal to have it come at LAST!
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