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Hump-day treats:

     Yummies at work! Kathy brought in donuts to celebrate getting her first Social Security check today, and they were delicious! Then she gave me fresh salsa and chips again as leftovers from her lunch. Yum!

     My boss spotted my 'Copper & his keg' picture I posted about a few days back, which I'm currently using as a wallpaper at work. She started laughing and said 'Is that supposed to be me and my coffee?!' I told her that certainly wasn't coffee and she took a closer look and agreed. Just funny all around.

     We got absolutely slaughtered with work volumes Tuesday from one lady who ordered over 100 files (about a day's worth of work) in 20 minutes. Jodi talked to her boss, and to our immense relief, it doesn't have to meet the 24 hour turnaround. Thank God, or I'd probably still be at work!
Tags: job: boss, job: coworkers, job: work
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