Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

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Hurrah! After sixty-five hours, thirty-seven minutes, and five seconds, Vue is finally done rendering! I have my pc back again! I can have more than two programs open! I can work on art projects! I can edit! I can do what I want! YEEHAW!

     Besides that, today I am also grateful for flexibility. Before noon, I started getting some nasty shooting pains up along the nerves of my right arm. I was able to just switch to using the mouse left-handed for the rest of the workday. Thanks to the above hindrance at home, my left hand hasn't been seeing terribly much mouse action anyway. It's a blessing to have that sort of fallback.

     Last but not least, today's high was 20 degrees cooler than yesterday's record-shattering misery. Yay! That means that, unlike yesterday, I can have something that actually resembles a meal for dinner...and hopefully get something that actually resembles restful sleep tonight as well. (It's the bad sleep due to the heat I've had the last half-week that probably triggered the arm issue.)
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