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Shouts · of · Joy

Great weekend, if gone too quickly:      I…

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Great weekend, if gone too quickly:

     I loveses the internet! Just wonderful when I have to research something--like day length, and I can find a handy calculator that saves me all sorts of less-than-fun math by hand sorts of work. Heh, never had to write a long journey in the winter months before, and I never had to care about day length hindering travel during summer journeys!

     Finished off the last of my mom's wonderful fruitcake Saturday. What a treat to savor over the last couple weeks!

     Actually got up to 60 F/15.5 C today, amazingly enough, so I was able to open some windows for the first time in a long time. And my viola seeds are sprouting, yay!

     Did my rough drafts for state and federal taxes today, and things are looking good. Use tax will probably eat up all my refund money, but at least I shouldn't be in the hole by hundreds of dollars like last year, thank God! (Having 9k of charitable contributions to deduct from state taxes sure didn't hurt.)
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