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First day of spring!

     Which is what I've been waiting for to put up the spring sidebar image I made at the beginning of the month. Too fun playing with a fuzzy-wuzzy hyarmi cub.

     To celebrate the last day of winter I brought in a box of Girl Scout cookies to work Friday: the Samoas. They didn't even last to 1 pm, and my boss said "I like the way you think!" (They're her favorite kind.) So that was a definite hit!

     Also let myself enjoy a Jimmie John's veggie sub after craving it for a while. Now that it's warming up they sound far more appealing. And it was simply delicious!

     Nice start into book 5 chapter 14 just now, and getting up to some 'big' stuff. Feels good to manage a morning writing session, and hopefully I can follow it up this evening.
Tags: art, book 5: writing, jimmy john's, job: coworkers
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