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It was a wonderful writing weekend!

     Should mention first that on Friday I had my annual Performance Appraisal with my boss. Went well, if a little bittersweet as it's our last one together. At least nobody got too emotional. (Won't know until May if I get a raise this year.)

     Saturday was a milestone day. Finished chapter 15 of book 5, and in doing so sailed past the 70,000 word mark. Which I'd chosen as my 'for-sure-past-halfway' point. So YEAH! Made great progress on Sunday too; I'll probably be climbing the walls at work because I can't write today and have to do shopping tonight, oh well.

     Took a look at my records, and leaving aside the book 5 prologue I wrote a few weeks earlier, I actually started in on chapter 1 on September 26th. Which means I've written over half of book 5 in six months and one day! THANK YOU, GOD!!! =D
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