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Shouts · of · Joy

Good stuff:      Two baby eagles at the…

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Good stuff:

     Two baby eagles at the Xcel Energy Bird Cam! They hatched late last week, and it's been fun watching them on my breaks at work with the streaming video option. So cute!

     Jodi saw my 777th post celebration picture and said it was 'cute'! =D

     Such insanely warm weather lately I could put out my viola seedlings to get sunlight yesterday morning and leave them out all night! (More on the weather subject when I do my March monthly summary post...)

     Been getting spoiled with getting leftover chips and fresh salsa from Kathy--twice in the space of a week! Sure is a nice treat.

     Beautiful moonlight coming in through my window this morning.

     The pleasure of getting something caught up this morning so I can free up more time tonight for writing, yay!
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hungry breakfast!
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