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Good stuff:

     Wonderful things in the mailbox! More lovely Easter cards, and various things I've bought online, including...

     My 16th PoadTM! I've been wanting a grey-eyed Poad for years, and now I finally got one. Me is happy.

     That was an excuse to make me a new banner for my posts on the Windstone Forum, having fun with 16 Poads and the lyrics to 'Sixteen Tons' and laughing at myself too. Pity the size restrictions are so confining.

     Also had a treat over the last two weekends in the form of story comments: Shanra read 'Heritage' and 'Vigil,' and Christina read 'Tongue-tied' and 'Shadowe.' Pleasant treat, and fun to drag my obsessed brain away from book 5 for a little bit!
Tags: art, heritage, mail, poads(tm), shadowe, tongue-tied, vigil, windstone ed
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