May 29th, 2008

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Four goodies:

     A slip in my mail box yesterday...for a package that should have arrived in late FEBRUARY! That was a treat, for I'd feared it lost. The prints I could buy again another time, but such can't be said for original artwork. Late is always better than never!

     Beth just finished reading my second book! What a delight! I'm so eager to get the book 3 editing ball rolling, and it's lovely knowing somebody's waiting for it.

     I've been doing verbal edits and preparing book 4 chapters this week to get them ready for the ARG! Three down, four to go, and on target for June 1. But it's been fun with the verbals, a little too fun, perhaps, when Geren gets flung against a wall and I'm getting loads of entertainment out of making trying-to-breathe noises as I go along! ;)

     I'm very, very grateful to be coming to the end of one of the coolest Mays I have ever known. Cloudy and wet today, and it only got up to 59 F/15 C. This is probably the last really nice day for me until sometime in September, but what a blessing to know that the worst of the summer misery can now only last 3.5 months rather than 4! WHAT A BLESSING!