October 4th, 2008

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Happiness is:

     More tree-planting! This time, they've planted deciduous trees all over--lots of maples, and I think some ashes and even *amazed* some oaks. Wow--a 12 foot oak sapling can't be remotely cheap!

     The delight of getting to start reading a recently published book after waiting in line for a library copy for a month.

     That the long-procrastinated book 4 (and 5) research is making me sick...but I'm grateful it went MUCH faster than I anticipated. I providentially stumbled upon exactly what I needed within the first half-hour Thursday. Thank God!

     That I got started on chapter 27 Friday night...and my writing that evening took my 2008 total past the 110,000 word mark. Yippee--2008 is now in third place and I've got two solid months of writing time remaining!

     Finally, the rare blessing of a beautiful Saturday forecast in October (usually the loveliest days are always while I'm at work). I'm taking advantage of this treasure and heading a couple hours north to where the autumn color is already near its fullest. Photofest, here I come!