January 17th, 2009

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Recent goodies:

     A lovely lunch out on Friday with coworkers Shelley and Kathy.

     A little fun Friday morning--I was cold during the latter part of the night, even though I had an extra layer and extra blanket. After I got up, I discovered that the severe night's cold had dropped my apartment from the 62 F/17 C I always keep it at, to 56 F/13 C! No wonder! And it makes me again grateful for the little space heater my parents gave me when they moved.

     After two full (interminable) weeks of being down for an upgrade, the Windstone Forum finally came back on Friday evening. Boy have I been missing it!

     And chapter 39 of book 4 is ready for the ARG! Two down, and only pesky ch 37 remaining, yay!

     Last but not least--this makes post 500 in my 'gush' journal! =D

Flashback: Dec 15, 2008

Just playing catch-up with 'gush' posts for the days of my and my mom's trip to San Diego. And because there's a coworker out there impatient for California photos!

Monday the 15th was the day I drove from Sacramento to San Diego in one fell swoop.

     We were off only 30 minutes late! Considering that was 5:30 am and my mom was involved, this was a marvel. Usually, the longer the trip, the more hour(s) she is late, but this whole trip she was fantastic. =)

     Amazingly, she didn't have to use the bathroom three times in the first few hours either, so we drove nearly five hours straight before our first stop in the minuscule town of Grapevine, just north of the Tejon Pass. As it had snowed in the mountains the prior night, the views were lovely.

     Driving the Tejon Pass was one of the highlights of the day. The fresh-fallen snow on the higher elevations gave it such a wintry air, and only a few miles from Los Angeles! We passed Pyramid Lake which was such an intoxicating teal-blue hue that I though I was up in the northern Rockies.

     After that came getting through Los Angeles, and thanks to my wonderful brother's sage advice, we got through with only a minimum of traffic delays.

     It was nothing but intensifying rain for the last hundred-plus miles of the drive, but I am grateful it wasn't rain for the entire day of it. Stopped in the rich neighborhood of La Jolla, but didn't stay long due to the weather. Then safely to our hotel, after hitting the worst traffic of the day trying to get into San Diego. And I was extremely glad to be done driving!

Flashback: Dec 16, 2008

Tuesday the 16th was the one day of really nice weather--though the forecast said otherwise.

     I made it through downtown San Diego to the Visitor's Center down on the harbor without any wrong turns. Yes, this is nearly miraculous.

     At the visitor's center we learned that the weather Wednesday was due to be ghastly and we'd best take advantage of the present. I'm grateful for locals who know their stuff when our channel-surfing wasn't giving us much (oh, for the internet--though my mom substituted by calling my dad on future days and having him browse for our local forecast!)

     We had a lovely time with the two-hour harbor tour and the weather was a delicious as could be hoped for. Got to enjoy the sight of many warships, coast guard vessels rushing off to catch drug smugglers, tug-boats a'tugging, a magnificent hospital ship, the Mercy, some submarines, and sea lions as well as plenty of seagulls and pelicans and sea scoters, and the huge Coronado Bridge. The tour guide knew the name of every destroyer, aircraft carrier, training jet, and helicopter that we saw!

     As the weather was still nice, we drove from there to Point Loma which overlooks the whole bay and the city. Got to see the area we'd seen at sea-level on the harbor cruise, and the Cabrillo National Monument. Lovely time on the Pacific side as well, though since the tide was high, no tide-pools for me.

     A lovely late lunch back in the city overlooking the Bay. Can't get fresher seafood than eating at the Fish Market!

     A treat in the evening in the form of seeing 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' as performed at the Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park. It was magnificently done.