June 17th, 2010


(no subject)

I'm so grateful right now I have a Dell computer. No, it isn't working, but I found the partition where I can run all sorts of tests on the processor, system board, system memory, pci devices, ports, hard drive, etc, and at least rule out hardware issues. Good to know!

     Now it's the waiting game, because I found and ordered some software, that even if it doesn't fix my OS problems, it should at least allow me to retrieve a lot of files that I didn't back up on Sunday (I just keep thinking of more...) So now it's just a matter of hanging onto my minuscule patience until the bootable cd arrives. ;)

     Have to admit I'm enjoying having faster DSL on Frogmouth than my old desktop, because on Frogmouth I can use the Ethernet connection.

     So glad tomorrow is Payday Friday! I'm focusing on trying to have some fun this weekend, as it is the weekend before my birthday, despite this mess with my pc.

     Gotta say it...I love Frogmouth! ;D