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Shouts · of · Joy

Easter was wonderful!      Listened to the…

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Easter was wonderful!

     Listened to the third movement of Holsinger's 'Easter Symphony' in the car on the way to and from church, and that will have to become a tradition. =) Wonderful worship experience, and in the car I can crank it up as loud as I want and screech at the top of my lungs.

     Lent is OVER!! I can has orange juice with breakfast again, yay! Forty days of drinking only water (except when I goofed in the snack area after apheresis donations) just gives a hint of what forty days in the desert must be like. Only a hint, but a good one.

     On the way back from church, a Red-tailed hawk shot across the road in front of my car and pounced on something in a cornfield. Beautiful sight!

     And a fantastic time with the Johnson's from 1 to after 7 on Sunday. It was fun having two dogs around--the piece of asparagus I dropped by accident was gone in 1.5 seconds. ;) I ended up hiding some 80 Easter eggs for their grandchildren and it was a blast watching them run around finding them. The weather could not have been more beautiful for an Easter Sunday--more like the perfect ideal for Mother's Day!

     Can't forget all the leftovers I got sent home with! It will be a while before I have to cook again--more time for writing! =D
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